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May 24, 2017

NuFuzz designer Ed Sanner (of Fuzzrite design fame) was working on the new pedal as Mosrite filed for bankruptcy in 1969. Out of the bankruptcy sprang Sierra Electronics, a new partnership that would release the NuFuzz, which was basically a Fuzzrite with a tone control. Sierra was forced to change its name due after a complaint from another entity called Sierra Electronics. The new name was formed via a simple combination of the names of owners Morris Rosenberg and Ben Sacco— Rosac. A vintage NuFuzz won’t break the bank (there is also a new version designed by Sanner himself under Hallmark Guitars), but if you’re interested in a more modern take on the pedal, you might want to check out the EarthQuaker Devices Spires pedal. – Read the full article on Gearphoria.

Here are a few videos of the Nu Fuzz old and new.