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Jan 25, 2019

The Eccos by Keeley Electronics is a throwback to one of the oldest effects – analog tape delay. It’s based around the company’s proprietary Dream technology featuring 24-bit digital signal processing for the most authentic sounds available. It goes a step further by adding tape-flange to the delay trails, adding a unique modulation vibe to your sound that is easy to dial in to your taste.

As is common with this type of effect there are controls over Time, Rate, Blend, Depth, and Feedback as well as a Mode switch that selects between a vibe and 2 different flange sounds. The Eccos is a hybrid design, meaning that when the pedal is disengaged the signal path remains 100% analog and doesn’t go through any digital conversion. There is a tap tempo switch as well as an expression pedal output. The Eccos can also store 3 presets for instant recall. – Brandon Stoner