Aug 25, 2017


In 2004, The Deli Magazine (the music publication that launched the Stompbox Exhibit and this very blog) was born with the mission of being on the side of small, independent, and local bands and artists, rather than the big, mainstream, and internationally recognized ones all the other music rags competed to cover.

Thirteen years later, that mission is taking on wider connotations: in many fields, the fight between big and corporate vs. small and independent has been brought to extreme levels by the internet and a handful of companies that were able to exploit its potential.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon (among others) have already done incalculable damage to small, local entities like newspapers and mom and pop shops, including many musical instrument stores.

A few months ago, Mike Matthews from Electro-Harmonix took a first, important step against this trend, deciding to drop Amazon from the company’s list of dealers. We had the opportunity to chat with Mike about this choice, you can read the article here on the Summer 2017 issue of The Deli, linked to our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2017.

Electro Harmonix New Stompboxes in 2017

EHX will be participating in the 7th edition of the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit! The Queens based company released a lot of new pedals this year, here’s an interactive gallery of their 2017 stompboxes, in chronological order of release!

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