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Nov 12, 2020
Best Reverb Pedals for Surf Music

The list in this article was compiled by Ryan at 60 Cycle Hum.


Surf guitarists belong to a rather small niche of musicians that cares (a lot) about “the drip,” a word that might sound foreign to their non-surfing colleagues.

This word is used to define a very specific character of the kind of reverb Surf music (apparently) absolutely requires to sound authentic, and describes a typical ping-like sound analog spring reverbs (the ones with actual springs in them) produce after a percussive note is played.

Among the YouTubers we aggregate in this pedal blog, our friend Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum has developed a reputation as the “drippy reverb expert” – since Surf is the musical genre he performs with maniacal passion.

After he posted this drippy reverb pedals video shootout, we asked him to send us a list of his favorite ones, and organized it in the interactive gallery below. The full video is embedded at the bottom of the post.

Here’s our comprehensive article about all the Spring Reverb Pedals on the market.

Hover or tap once on the images to read Ryan’s thoughts about each pedal and click or tap again to see the section of the video about each pedal.