Jan 10, 2018


The A+ Astronaut V2 is an intriguingly deep and surprisingly small reverb by Russian manufacturers Shift-Line, a company that’s been around for ten years and that also manufacturers the Lava Cables and Plugs.

The pedal’s most unique feature is that it can listen to your signal in bypass and play full and massive reverb tails immediately when switched on. It offers 11 different reverb modes – Shnobel gave the stompbox a close look in the video below, check it out!


  1. Level — output level boost. Unity at full ccw, up to +10 dBu at full cw.
  2. Mix — dry/wet mix that can go fully wet (kill dry)?.
  3. Decay — controls the length of the reverb, can change behavior depending on the algorithm selected??.
  4. Program — algorithm selector.
  5. Footswitch — activates and deactivates the effect?.
  6. Tails — preserves tails in bypass.


  1. Gated 
    A simple and straightforward reverb with gate. The reverb effect is audible only when the guitar signal is present, decay knob controls threshold level?.
  2. Modulated
    A reverb with deep modulation. ?Modulation rate and reverb length are both controlled by decay knob.
  3. Skynet
    A well-known and beloved algorithm from the original Astronaut. Long, massive, cosmic.
  4. Mechanics
    Industrial tones. Decay knob controls reverb and delay time from metal clang to short high-feedback delay.
  5. ShimUp
    Classic shimmer, each repeat is pitched one octave up.
  6. ShimDown
    Shimmer with octave down. Massive and fat, provides excellent padding.
  7. ShimUpDown
    Yeah, two octaves shimmer at the same time! Enjoy ambience for any note.
  8. Major Arp
    Random major arpeggio + reverb. Decay controls rate and reverb length.
  9. Octave Arp
    Same as #8 but with octave arpeggios.
  10. Ping-pong
    A delay where the repeats’ playing direction is reversed after each repeat. Decay controls delay time.
  11. Hold
    A mode that stands out from the rest, it holds the note played and behaves in a different way compared to the reverbs described above. This is a version of our freeze-verb algorithm. Engage the effect, and the note playing at the moment the button is pressed will be frozen. Decay controls fade-in time. There are no tails available for this mode, the toggle switch enables detune. This option can be switched on the run for any note held: activate freeze-verb, detune by switching the toggle up, wait for the tone you like and hold this tone by switching the toggle down. Repeat if needed. Detune is infinite and could generate sub-sonic component – be careful if your speakers are not designed to handle very low frequencies! – More info here.

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