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Oct 4, 2019

Episode #7: new features are announced, improvements are made, it has a CV clock! The Blooper is getting there.

Episode #6 of the Chase Bliss Audio Blooper video series opens with the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund the final development of the pedal! More in the video below.

Episode #5 of the Blooper saga is out and the pedal is slowly coming into its own with some new features like external control for play/record and an intriguing ramping function. A few bugs didn’t prevent the pedal from being used for the first time in a session.

July 1st, 2019 – 4th Episode

Knobs just published the 4th episode of your favorite series about “how a guitar pedal gets built” – the only series of its kind that was ever created.

It’s about the Chase Bliss Audio upcoming creative looper pedal Blooper, check it out below – you’ll find the other episodes under the video.

May 30th, 2019 – 3rd Episode

Here’s the 3rd Episode of the Knobs documentary about the process of creating the Chase Bliss Audio Blooper, it seems to be coming together, there are new buttons! See below for the previous episodes.

April 17th, 2019 – 2nd Episode

The 2nd Episode of the Knobs documentary about the process of creating the Chase Bliss Audio Blooper is here! For more info, see the March update under the video.

March 7, 2019 – 1st Episode

At NAMM 2019 there was so much hype about the (wild) Chase Bliss Audio Automatone that hardly anybody noticed the prototype of the Blooper, that (apparently) was sitting in plain view inside the Chase Bliss booth throughout the Anaheim show.

Luckily, the Italian crew of AccordoTV caught it on camera and got owner/designer Joel to say a few things about it in the video streaming below.

This device is once again a collaboration pedal, a format the Minneapolis manufacturer seems to have grown fond of in recent months, since its latest three pedals were all the result of multi-handed/headed team work. In this case, the partners are 3 Degrees Audio (a very new company producing wicked looking digital effects) and Knobs, the talented Canadian videographer that produces all the Chase Bliss demos and is in charge of filming the process that leads to the creation of this effect.

The Blooper is hosted in a compact case in the classic Chase Bliss Audio format (6 knobs, two footswitches and tons of toggle and DIP switches). It’s a stereo looper that lets you do crazy things to the sampled audio.

Interestingly, the company commissioned their videographer of choice Knobs to shoot a documentary about the making of the pedal. As you can see from episode 1, streaming below, the process is fraught with challenges – and this pedal is nowhere near ready!

Hear from Joel himself what it does in the video below.