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Apr 7, 2015

Neunaber, a boutique gear builder out of Santa Ana, CA, prides itself on using modern tech to make the best tools possible. To that end, their  pedal offers the discerning guitarist a versatile package, with USB and CAT5 connectivity and a range of innovative features, all packaged neatly in a standard-size MXR-style aluminum enclosure with a simple, user-friendly physical interface. Lightweight and agile, this pedal allows for so many options that this short overview cannot possibly cover.

The stompboxe features two separate effects that can be run separately or simultaneously: the reverb section is the same circuit as Neunaber Wet Reverb pedal, while the “shimmer” effect is what makes this pedal unique.

For starters, you can use it as a standard reverb – which is incredibly lush and offers the option to leave a reverb “trail” when the switch is turned off –  or combine it with the shimmer, which consists in a series of overtones that trail along with the decaying reverb, and almost resembles a keyboard pad – Neunaber call this effect “choir of angels”. Holding the stomp switch gives you the option to turn on only the shimmer effect and bypass the reverb, which I can see being very useful in a live setting to both drive feedback and adding to a vocal stack, for instance.

So: Why pick the new Seraphim Stereo Shimmer over the mono version, aside from the obvious? Connectivity and customizing. With the ability to utilize Neunaber’s free Pedal Customizer software, one can install virtual trim pots, modify the reverb trails, and do a whole host of other mods. And as if that wasn’t enough — with the software, you can turn any stereo Neunaber pedal into any other Neunaber stereo pedal, and use the physical pedal as a controller! It’s a fascinating combination of new and old tech – and something also ridiculously useful, in my opinion.

As a guitarist who always uses reverb — and often adds subtle pads to studio recordings — I find the Seraphim’s standard two-in-one option very intriguing, in particular from a creative point of view. But even if the shimmer effect isn’t your cup of tea, the reverb is absolutely incredible. It can replace a whole host of other pedals with the right tweaking and make you sound huge, and – besides – this and all Neunaber pedals are made in the USA – you thought Germany, admit it!

Give it (or any other Neunaber stereo pedal) a shot — and check out the Neunaber website, which has very informative videos and lots of downloadable guides. – Mya Byrne