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Jan 10, 2019

The Marshall Plexi is one of the most beloved and iconic amplifiers of all times, and while many manufacturers have tried to harness this Marshall monster in a compact stompbox format, few have been able to successfully pull off the character that give it that magical quality.

Lovepedal’s Purple Plexi stands as one of the better “Plexi-in-a-box” guitar pedal designs. It sports that massive Marshall mid-range, and can conjure those enormous stadium-sized tones at a whisper volume. The circuit is also very responsive to your guitar’s volume control and pick attack dynamics – just like a real Marshall. There’s also a version with an extra boost circuit with its own footswitch, hosted in a case is about twice as wide (see Gear Man Dude’s video below).

In this pedal you can access many different eras of Marshall plexi designs via the responsive gain control and tone stock, and in doing so almost nail some of the best recorded guitar tones in history. – Brandon Stoner