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Jan 23, 2016


Another pedal garnering attention at this year’s NAMM conference is the Empress Reverb. This new verb is stacked with tweakable features including some standard ones AND bizarre ones like “beer”, “sparkle”, and “ghost”. The combinations are nearly endless as there are four settings for the standard plate, room, hall, and spring reverb and then another 8 less conventional settings.

The pedal has three stomp buttons, which allow for bypass, tapping, and even scrolling thorough the settings. There are also a couple of odd settings among the seven dialable knobs, most notably the Thing 1 and Thing 2. These dials function as variable settings depending on the mode. So in some cases they might controls the decay, delay speed, or modulation depending on which mode the pedal is set to use.

I’m sure most people are curious what the Beer setting does. It’s actually a glitch setting where the reverb tail is fed through a filter that randomly deviates between high pass and low pass.

Overall , this pedal looks like a highly diverse reverb that can do just about anything from traditional reverb to experimental psychedelic tones. The pedal is also MIDI adaptable and has a foot controlled save function for quickly pulling up your most memorable custom settings. Ryan Dembinski