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Sep 24, 2014

Fresh from EarthQuaker‘s world headquarters in Akron, Ohio comes a new adventure in reverb: The Afterneath.

The Afterneath offers fine-grained control over the reverberations it produces. More than a simple emulator of acoustic reverb, this pedal lets the player design the character of the reverb he or she wants.

It features six controls (aside from the footswitch). Mix and Length are pretty familiar — they control the mix between the dry/wet signal and the decay of the reverb, respectively. Where it gets interesting are the oh so close to alliteratively named Diffuse, Dampen, Drag and Reflect.

Diffuse “adjusts the spread” of the reverb. In the demo video, it swings between a replication of the dry signal that retains a similar attack, and more of a flat drone. Drag seems to be like the “time” control you might find on a delay pedal. It extends or quickens the time between reverberations. Dampen is a type of tone shaper, according to the EarthQuaker Devices site, sweeping between bright and dark. Reflect controls reverb regeneration, or how many copies of copies will propagate. When turned up it can self-modulate and probably take the pedal into boomy echo-storm territory.

With the Afterneath EarthQuaker Devices seems to have fully cracked the Pandora’s box of impressionistic possibilities given by digital reverb . I can’t wait to get my hands on one and get weird! – Nathan Smith