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Dec 10, 2015


Electro-Harmonix has added yet another signature overdrive to their lineup, a transparent design they’re colorfully calling the Crayon. The pedal features a unique EQ section that focuses on the high and low frequency ranges, instead of the mid-range which is common with many overdrive pedals.

The type of overdrive the Crayon produces has the open and rich sound that players are looking for in a more ‘transparent overdrive’ kind of design. Controlling the top and bottom of the EQ range also allows for a more tuned-in setting to compliment whatever guitar/amp combination you use.

The Crayon sounds great with all kinds of pickups, but I feel it totally smokes with standard single-coils. You can get some great classic rock and blues tones at pretty much any setting.

For the player that’s looking for a really affordable boutique-sounding dirt, the Crayon might be just your color. – Brandon Stoner