Nov 20, 2018

This blog was among the first pedal news outlets to announce that Dr. Scientist was about the launch a new digital reverb, and this week the Canadian builder did exactly that with The Atmosphere. Ryan at 60 Cycle Hum was the first videographer able to put his hands (or rather, feet) on one and posted the video streaming below.

In keeping with what we may expect from Dr. Scientist, the Atmosphere is a creative and quirky pedal that also delivers some more traditional sounds (like the classic spring reverb and swell). But, as its graphics hint, among its 12 modes there are a lot of bizarro lo-fi, bit crushing and pitch/ring modulating options.

This is one to explore, and without a press release available, there’s not more we can say about it. But 60 Cycle Hum’s video below does a good job in testing it in all its multifaceted beauty.