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May 9, 2019

The Bogner Ecstasy Mini Blue is the compact version of the company’s popular blue pedal, recreating the tone and setting of their renown Plexi-style Ecstasy amp through a higher internal voltage that allows for increased headroom.

EytschPi42 has only good things to say about this pedal in the following video.

This is our successful Ecstasy blue pedal in a small housing, just like the the big brother it captures the classic blue channel tone of the legendary amplifier, acclaimed for its ability to deliver iconic and classic rock-n-roll crunch. Blue delivers stunning Plexi tones, but when the going gets rough, make no mistake – blue can crush on demand.

The Ecstasy blue mini is powered by a 9VDC power supply only!  Reinhold’s advanced circuitry internally elevates the voltage to a substantially higher level. This higher voltage provides a greater dynamic range which closely resembles the feel of the Ecstasy amplifier’s legendary tube design.