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Jan 26, 2020

Hailing from Sweden, the Surfy Industries Surfbear is real spring reverb (as in, with springs inside) that recreates the classic sound of the vintage amps from the ’60s. The left footswitch gives you access to two different dry/wet settings. The DWELL knob sets the amount of effect, while the DECAY one lets you control the length of the “reverb tail.”

We managed to make it smaller without compromising the sound: this is just the best reverb pedal you have ever tried!
Try it and discover why most surf guitarists and the truly reverb addicted are turning to SurfyBear.

? aluminium body in “pedalboard-friendly” size

? original Accutronics® type-8 spring reverb pan

? clean boost to adjust the volume when the effect is on

? dual mixer control to switch between two reverb settings

? decay control to adjust the length of the reverb tail

? true bypass functionality to keep your signal intact when the effect is off


Based on the controls of the original Fender® 6G15® we added a few more options.

the amount of effect

MIXER 1 / 2
the balance between “dry” and “wet” signals

how bright or dark the sound is

the length of the “reverb tail”

the level of the output signal