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Jan 17, 2020

Here’s a first substantial release for NAMM 2020! Walrus Audio announced the first pedal in a new series called Mako. It’s the D1, a compact, Stereo in/out, multi-function delay with five, studio-grade, high-fidelity, custom-tuned programs.

Crystal-clear delay, perfect for rhythmic parts & ultra-defined echoes.

Unique modulated repeats with random LFOs that run at multiple rates.

Analog delay inspired tones with complex filtering applied to the repeats.

Two delays in parallel, each with different time divisions.

Reads the delay memory backwards creating a unique delay repeat.

Each delay program can be customized with modulation, tone, decay age and subdivisions then saved to any of the 9 on-board preset slots or 128 via MIDI.

Check out the videos below!