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Jan 21, 2019

TC Electronic won’t participate directly in the NAMM show this year (they haven’t partied since Behringer bought the company in 2017), but somehow it seems like they will be presenting a new pedal: the Brainwaves Pitch Shifter, a new, all-in-one polyphonic stereo pitch shifter is the newest addition to the Toneprint series.

It features 7 modes: Whammy, Detune, Voice ½, Pitch, and 3 custom Toneprint settings that can be customized via the app. Whammy mode allows access to dive bomb sounds, while Detune mode can go from subtle chorusing to atonal insanity. Pitch mode is an octave generator that adds up to two additional voices above or below your signal with two knobs controlling the amount of shift (up or down) – each with its own toggle switch.  A Mix control lets you blend in your clean signal to taste, a feature not available in many pitch shift pedals. The MASH button is customizable and pressure sensitive offering total dynamic control over the effect.

(Video coming soon, hopefully!)