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Feb 2, 2015

At NAMM 2015, Massachusetts based pedal manufacturer Source Audio introduced an unprecedented number of new products, and a rather surprising change of  direction in the cosmetics department: known for their Soundblox series, which were rather “sci-fi” looking pedals, the Source Audio decided it was time to switch to a more classic look, without of course giving up the well known futuristic features that have become the company’s signature, like the flexibility allowed by the digital format and the compatibility with their Hot Hand Wireless effect controller.

Source Audio presented NINE pedals at NAMM, you can see sneak peaks for each in their blog here. The most anticipated of the bunch though is the Nemesis Delay (pictured), which will be available in June 2015. It packs 12 delays ranging from sparkling (Digital delay), to warm and vibrant (Analog delay), and includes  realistic Tape effects, as well as wildly animated reverse, octave, and modulating delay effects.

The pedal has 4 user presets, stereo ins and outs, Tap Tempo, 5-pin MIDI in, MIDI thru, and expression control. Onboard controls include Time, Feedback, Mix, Modulation Depth, Modulation Rate, and Effect Intensity. And like all the Source Audio One Series pedals, the Nemesis integrates seamlessly with the MIDI controlled Neuro Effects System.

Check out the video below, directly from the manufacturer.