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Jul 31, 2017

New video by Shnobel about the Alexander Pedals’ Chemist Atomic Modulator , a pedal that keeps giving… check out the manufacturer’s description:

The Chemist is a one-stop sonic laboratory that generates organic modulation and phaser effects using three powerful algorithms: chorus/vibrato, octave, and phaser. You can select which algorithm is active on each channel, allowing you to quickly switch between two modes and settings. The Reaction knob controls the dry signal, and the Catalyst and Formula knobs change depending on the algorithm you select.

Cobalt -Chorus/Vibrato – Recreate classic, lush chorus tones, or turn the Reaction (dry) knob down completely for a mind-altering vibrato
Lithium – Octave – Generate rich polyphonic organ textures using the +/- octave and dry controls
* Iridium – Phaser – Manipulate speed and resonance combined with the dry signal to create swirling sonic elements

More info here.

Signal Chain, Fender Telecaster, Mathews Effects, The Chemist, then TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Delay into a 1974 Marshall JMP 100w Super Lead