Nov 3, 2017

We blogged about new Californian manufacturer Massive FX Pedals a few weeks ago, they are back at it with a new octave fuzz pedal called Hypnotik, check out the demo video below and an excerpt from the maker’s description here!

Super heavy fuzz with fuzz level control and 2 position tone switch for “Classic Fuzz” and “Scooped Mids” settings.  Killer Vintage Octave blended into your fuzz tone.  Works particularly well with Humbucker pickups, shag carpeted 76’ custom vans and a fat bag of California cannabis.  This is fuzz is so fat sounding you will not need a bass player or drummer so rumble forth on wave after wave of Fuzz Greatness.

Alchemical Tin EQ Switch
Switch in the Up Position for Classic Fuzz
  • “Vintage Classic Fuzz Tone” = thinner “trebly” tone.
  • This knob is also associated with Jupiter so beware of excess, and overindulgence.
Alchemical Lead EQ Switch
Switch in the Down Position for “Mid Scoop” EQ
  • “Mid Scoop” EQ which cuts out some 1Khz for a more pronounced bass and treble fuzz tone and a bit more metallic. Mid Scoop gives an increased low end for a heavier tone and a more defined top end treble.
  • This knob is also associated with Mars the God of War, best used for energy, action and desire, also animal nature of man, so rock this fuzz harder than normal.

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