Dec 6, 2017

Massive FX is a brand new, California based pedal manufacturer that participated in our latest L.A. Stompbox Exhibit this past weekend.

We are super stoked to see that Tone Report just unveiled a video of their G.O.A.F. fuzz (see below), a faithful recreation of the Baldwin Burns Fuzzaround, a very rare octave up fuzz effect (the original was not a stompbox) that was Robert Fripp’s favorite at the beginning of his career when he was releasing groundbreaking records with early King Crimson.

This recreation features a lot more options than the original, including some timbre/tone/attack shaping tools and on/off footswitches for both fuzz and octave.

Here’s how the manufacturer describes the pedal:

G.O.A.F. elevates the spirit of the Russian Alchemist by one octave bringing it’s tones closer to the Gods.  Hand Wired Dynamic Heavy Fuzz with Massive “buzzy/trebly” tones imparted by NOS AC125 and Russian Germanium transistors.  The fuzz is the same circuit from the Russian Alchemist lineage, our take on the legendary Buzzaround insane-o-matic fuzz sound.  Hand selected components and extensive listening to each component yields one insane Kung Fu Fuzz Master.  If you are looking for the typical fuzz, the door is closing, go elsewhere.   If you are looking for a unique fuzz few have experienced in their arsenal of tone madness, come in to the cave and plug in and fly your freak flag high and proud.

You’ll have to check out the User Controls section directly from the manufacturer’s web page, here – here’s the Tone Report video!

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