Jan 21, 2018

Hotone‘s Nano Legacy Mini-Amps charmed many guitarists with their petit format, great sound, cool looks and affordable price.

Since Music China 2016 the manufacturer has been showcasing a new product prototype, called Nano Legacy Floor, based on an evolution of that concept, and it looks like 2018 will be the year this product will be finally commercialized in the US.

Unlike the original Nano Legacy amps the Nano Legacy Floor units are actual stompboxes, with footswitches an’ all – hence their name. Each one of these pedals offers two of the original Legacy Mini-Amps circuits in two separate channels, which can be selected through an A/B footswitch. They also include a boost circuit placed before the channels and a reverb placed after – each with its own independent footswitch.

Hotone posted this video just in in time for NAMM 2018, more info about the Nano Legacy Mini-Amps can be found at the bottom of this page.

More than simply combining two Nano Legacy amps in one, the Nano Legacy Floor amps feature upgraded sound quality, increased output power (up to 75 watts) and extended onboard functions/effects. Plus, these portable dual-channel amps let you integrate a complete rig that is always ready for touring and recording: just connect to a cabinet/mixer/interface and you’re ready to rock!

? Portable dual channel floor amp for your pedalboard
? Up to 75 Watts output power
? Unbeatable Nano Legacy tone with upgraded sound quality and dynamic range ? Dual channel design combining 2 best-selling Nano Legacy amps in one:
– CH A: Hotone British Invasion, inspired by legendary Vox® AC30*
– CH B: Hotone Purple Wind, inspired by legendary Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959*
? High quality tone with independent volume, gain, and 3-band EQ
? Built-in boost provides up to +12dB of clean volume boost
? Built-in reverb with clear, natural decay
? Compatible with cabinets of different impedances ranging from 4-16?
? FX LOOP for using external effects
? Line and XLR outputs with switchable cab simulator
? 18-20V DC power supply (center positive)



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