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Jul 11, 2018

Heather Brown Electronicals is a new pedal builder founded by by Heather Brown, a pupil of Robert Keeley and Mike Matthews. The Blessed Mother is the company’s first pedal, a light gain/transparent overdrive with boost featuring a combination of germanium and silicon diodes.

On top of the expected Volume/Drive/Treble/Bass knobs, the Immaculator knob will let you set the desired amount of transparency – a clever and rather original feature: “This lets you preserve or purify the sound’s original grit to your liking.”

Check out the video by and find more info about the pedal at the bottom of this post.

The Blessed Mother™ births a classic OD sound with power from the Most High. Her supernatural combination of germanium and silicon diodes generates a uniquely raw, yet velvety tone. She features an adjustable transparency function: The Immaculator. This lets you preserve or purify the sound’s original grit to your liking.

She plays well with others, is true bypass, and has great treble and bass control range. Makes a splendid first stage OD or clean boost. Takes 9vDC.

And yes, heart and halo do light up when pedal is powered on…cuz God’s mom deserves it.

For Nerds: I use a simple clipping circuit with 4558 and TL072 ics, a Silver Mica capacitor, 1N34A’s, and a 1N914, asymmetrical. (Yes I test the diodes).

TBM is, like all (except maybe 3) overdrives, a somewhat original yet derivitave design. Homage is of course due to Mike Matthews for bringing us clipping innovation. This pedal essentially creates warmth and transparency versatility that I always wanted but couldn’t find in an OD.