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Sep 26, 2017

The digital domain has in recent years conquered the reverb realm thanks to increasingly powerful/portable CPUs. The Free the Tone Ambi Space AS-1R Digital Reverb is a new comer in this circuit niche. Check it out in the video by Shnobel, below.

By using FTT’s original algorithm, the AMBI SPACE combines various elements to achieve a mechanism for producing complex reverberation, through the use of a 32-bit dual core chip and a 32-bit high precision DSP. While the high quality, natural and musical sounding reverberation realized in this compact device can of course be used for electric guitars and basses, as well as for acoustic guitars and vocals, it is equally at home in other situations, such as recording and mixing.

In FTT’s newly developed and original reverb sounds “CAVE” and “SERENE”, the early reflections and late reverberation are added in multiple steps to realize a complex harmonic structure comprising enhanced frequency components, all of which creates an almost magical, transparent and spatial sounding reverb like you’ve never heard before. These new reverb sounds will stimulate your imagination.

By combining all of the analog and digital know-how accumulated so far by Free The Tone, the reverb effects unit AMBI SPACE was finally born after a long development period. Try it out and feel its sound.

Signal Chain:
Fender Telecaster,
Pete Cornish ST-2
TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Delay
Free The Tone Ambi Space then into
1974 Marshall JMP 100w Super Lead.