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Mar 27, 2018

Hosted in our Stompbox Booth, at NAMM 2018 Escape Plan Pedals unveiled a new synth pedal called the Launch Code.

The pedal transforms any incoming signal into a series of square waves, perfectly tracking your guitar’s pitch. It features two voicings, one with more treble and one with a sub-octave note blended in for beefier parts.

The Bonus knob mixes dry and wet signals, while the Rez knob is a high-pass filter that allows you to control the cutoff frequency of the signal going into the oscillators (the more closed it is, the more “gated” it will sound.

Eric Merrow shot an in-depth video of the Launch Code, check it out!

Here’s the video of the Launch Code we shot at NAMM, discover more new devices in our comprehensive, interactive page of new pedals announced at NAMM 2018.