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Jan 26, 2018

Fender has announced six new guitar effect pedals, including overdrives, distortion, reverb, delay and more. The company is unveiling the stompboxes at the 2018 Winter NAMM show.

The full lineup includes the Marine Layer Reverb, the Mirror Image Delay, the Santa Ana Overdrive, the Pugilist Distortion, the Bends Compressor and the Level Set Buffer.

All the pedals are housed in a lightweight and durable anodized aluminium chassis and feature Fender amp jewel indicators. Each pedal runs on one 9-volt battery or DC negative AC adaptor. They also feature Fender’s “Patent Applied For” magnetically latched battery door (shown below) for fast and easy battery changing.

The Marine Layer Reverb is an all-original reverb unit designed by Fender’s in-house team. It offers a range of reverb types, from standard Hall and Room to modern Shimmer effects, with two variations of each. It also features continual reverb tails, so they don’t cut off when the effect is muted.

The Mirror Image Delay offers analog, digital and tape styles of delay, with two variations for each. There are controls for Depth, Rate, Feedback, Time and Level, and a switch to kill your dry signal so only the effect is heard. There’s also an option for dotted eighth notes, making this one very versatile delay pedal.

The Santa Ana Overdrive is a versatile FET-powered overdrive pedal that delivers a huge range of tones. Whether you prefer the sound of a tube amp on the verge of breakup or fully saturated overdrive, the Santa Ana covers the bases and cleans up nicely when you lower your guitar’s volume control.

The Pugilist Distortion pedal has an all-original circuit that features dual gain engines, each with its own Tone and Gain controls, a Series/Blend switch and a Bass Boost switch to fatten up your tone.

The Bends Compressor is a studio-grade compressor pedal that can tame volume spikes without affecting your tone. Controls for Drive and Recover let you to dial in the right amount of compression, while Blend lets you mix in your dry signal to maintain natural pick attack. The Level control lets you set the final output to ensure nothing is lost when the pedal is engaged. In addition, the Fender amp jewel LED changes from white to pink to show when the circuit is engaged, and for how long.

The Level Set Buffer pedal keeps your signal strong when it’s passing through your pedal chain on its way to your amp. It has controls for Level, Hi-Freq and Load to adjust your signal, a dedicated Tuner output and a Main Mute footswitch for silent tuning.

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