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Mar 22, 2017

Here’s a new video from Germandude for Danish manufacturer Emma’s ON-1 Okto-Nøjs – we’ll let you guess how to pronounce that! Released late in 2016, this is Emma’s first pedal in almost ten years!

It’s an analog effect that combines a clean, fast tracking sub-octave (the Okto) and a dynamically responsive synth-like octave fuzz (the Nøjs), with the two sounds playing individually or in parallel and complementing each other. Both sections can be blended to taste against the dry signal.

Here’s more about the Nøjs directly from the manufacturer:

A harmonic distortion generator that creates a unique Octave-Fuzz effect, the Nøjs circuit reacts to playing dynamics to create spitting, swelling, synth-like drive sounds that are truly out of this world.

Check it out!