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Sep 12, 2013

After a period spent focusing on effects other than distortion, Electro Harmonix in 2013 seems to have shifted its attention back to what made it famous in the early days.

After repackaging their classic 70s Hot Tubes pedal in “nano” format, the NYC based builder has released a brand new distortion called East River Drive, named after the trip New Yorkers take when going from Manhattan to Queens (where the EHX factory is based) or Brooklyn.

We are hoping to get one for review some time soon (apparently they are flying off the shelves) but here’s what the press release says about this new stompbox.

– First EHX pedal designed around a JRC4558 integrated circuit.
– It delivers classic symmetrical overdrive with a natural, transparent quality in a compact road-worthy package.
– The three knobs are for Volume, Tone and Drive.
– T
he Overdrive ranges from mild edge to classic distortion.
Tone enables the player to tailor his sound regardless of his 
guitar and amp of choice.
– True Bypass
The East River Drive can be used effectively in front of a clean amp or to push an already overdriven amp.
– List Price of $77.38 

We are looking forward to checking it it out!