Aug 23, 2017

UPDATE! The Data Corrupter will be on the EQD board at the upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!

Some videos came out yesterday of a new EarthQuaker Devices stompbox called Data Corrupter – a pedal that at the time couldn’t be found on the manufacturer’s website yet. This morning the Ohio builder’s site is showing info about the effect, describing it as a “Modulated Monophonic PLL Harmonizer.”

This ain’t a simple pedal to describe in a few words, but we can certainly tell you that it belongs to EQD’s tradition of experimental and even “synthy” stompboxes. Here’s the intro from EQD’s website:

The Data Corrupter is a monophonic analog PLL harmonizer with modulation. It takes your input signal and brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is then multiplied, divided and modulated to create a wild, yet repeatable, three-voice guitar synthesizer.

You can read everything that needs to be read here.

Apparently the manufacturer “leaked out” a few units to demo video makers before announcing it, who… of course, made a video demo of it – check them out below!

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