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Oct 17, 2019

At the 2018 Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, pedal and amp builder Chris Rossi from Dusky Electronic showcased a new pedal prototype, a fuzz with lots of coloring controls, called Hypatia. Just Nick seems to be a fan (see video below), while posted the second video featuring the Hypatia and two of the company’s other products.


Chris described this stompbox’s concept on Effects Database a few weeks ago:

We’re still working on this circuit (we want to get it just right!), but most of the basic elements are here: a gain range that takes you from ragged crunch to blown out, bludgeoning fuzz and enough low end for bass players, but tailorable, via the Meat knob, for guitar or any instrument.  The Hypatia uses a specially designed input buffer that preserves the resonant filter effect of coupling passive magnetic effects directly to a low impedance transistor input stage, while still presenting a modern, high impedance at its input, allowing the Hypatia to sound great wherever it is placed in your signal chain, with or without buffers.  To round things off, a MOSFET based output buffer (lifted right from the Mandorla), provides enough output volume to get even more drive straight from your amp, as well as impart some amp-like flavor of its own, which complements the ragged, transistory core of the Hypatia perfectly.

Here’s the demo of the Hypatia we took at the Brooklyn event:

Here’s Dusky’s full display board that participated in the event.