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Sep 29, 2019

BOSS has been at the forefront of digital delays since the early days, and even now that the field is crowded with many excellent competitors, the Japanese company doesn’t miss a beat with updates and new, powerful designs (see the recent DD-200).

If the DD-200 was a brand new, fully-featured digital delay, the DD-3T and DD-8 have the familiar look of the early DD “family” of stompboxes.

The DD-8, is an extremely versatile new design: a stereo, Multi-Mode delay offering a variety of algorhythms from the subtle to the quirky like:

  • Clean digital delays,
  • Vintage analog and tape types,
  • Modulation echo
  • Specialty delays like shimmer and reverse
  • Reverb + Delay
  • Ambient Effects (Warp type)
  • Glitch rhythmic effects (GLT type)
  • 40 Second Looper with unlimited overdub capability.

The DD-8 also features Tap Tempo and Tempo input, and also trails on/off option  and a a panning mode for ping-pong delay effects.

Check out the videos below!

BOSS announces the DD-3T and DD-8, two new digital delay pedals added to the famous compact series lineup. The DD-3T replaces the long-running DD-3, updating the classic pedal with tap tempo and other modern features. The DD-8 takes over from the previous-generation DD-7 as the most advanced delay in the compact series, enhanced with numerous sound modes and features that make it the most full-featured delay pedal in its class.

In continuous production for over three decades, the DD-3 has been the go-to delay stomp for countless players, revered for its warm, round delay tone and simple controls that make it easy to dial in sounds fast. The DD-3T retains the same sound circuitry and controls as the DD-3 while adding useful functions for today’s guitarists.

A key addition the DD-3T brings is tap tempo, an essential feature for creating the rhythmic delay effects at the heart of many styles. The onboard pedal switch can be used to input tempos, and it’s also possible to connect an external footswitch for instant-access control. The DD-3T also features a dedicated direct output like the DD-3, which allows users to send effect-only and dry sounds to separate destinations. On the DD-3T, this output has been moved next to the main output jack to make pedalboard connections easier.

Equipped with a diverse selection of delays, the DD-8 packs impressive sonic range into one small pedal. Clean digital delays, vintage analog and tape types, and modulation echo are available, plus specialty delays like shimmer and reverse. There’s a new Warm type for softer echo tones, and a +RV type that blends delay and reverb together. Warp is perfect for dynamic ambient textures, while the new GLT type provides glitchy rhythmic effects. A Looper mode is even included, with up to 40 seconds of recording time and unlimited overdub capability.

The DD-8 features full stereo I/O support with three different output modes. Independent mode provides linked parallel delays on the left and right channels, maintaining the true balance of stereo input sources in the effect sound. There’s also a panning mode for ping-pong delay effects, and a wide stereo mode for enhanced spatial depth. And with the Carryover switch, users can set whether delay trails continue or stop when the effect is bypassed.

With the DD-8’s extensive real-time control options, players can easily bring their music to life. It’s possible to tap in tempos with the onboard pedal switch and control the Warp and GLT modes for unique expressive effects. Adding one or two footswitches unlocks more creative possibilities, like on-demand tap tempo, extended looper control, and a unique Twist effect. Alternately, an expression pedal can be used for continuous control of level, feedback, or delay time—or all of them at once.