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Nov 8, 2017

While experienced guitarists tend to develop a refined taste for tone that will get them interested in boutique pedals with a peculiar character (or flexible parameters), we should never forget that the majority of six string players out there is just looking for some solid, affordable and good sounding options to recreate the most common guitar effect – that’s where the big money is, by the way: affordability AND quality!

Needless to say, the pedals built for the masses aren’t handmade, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sound good! (Simply because “good” is the most subjective of words, in particular when applied to tone…).

We stumbled upon this video by UK’s Guitar Nerds and it had some really thoughtful advice for the top 5 pedals for beginners – we couldn’t resist the temptation to convert it into one of our interactive galleries, check out both below!

And here are some alternative as valid and affordable!