Jun 7, 2013

We don’t often cover Bass pedals but Darkglass Electronics is an interesting Finland based manufacturer and it just released a new series of bass pedals, including the Microtubes B7K and the Vintage Microtubes, which is presented as a pedal that adds character to your tone, recreating a palette of tone ranging from the classic, smooth, warm and naturally compressed tone of the 70s to  the aggressive and punchy growl of the 90?s, plus everything in between – you can check some samples of the latter here.

The B7K on the other hand is a rather complex beast, with seven knobs and two toggle switches, which make it one of the the most versatile bass pedals out there. The four band EQ section is rather unique for a stompbox, with Low, Treble, Low Mids and Hi Mids. The toggles are named ‘Grunt’ (a very Finnish sound) and ‘Attack.’ The Grunt lets you choose between 3 different Bass boost levels before the gain stages. This interacts with the Drive knob, giving you extra flexibility in the saturation level department.

The other controls are rather intuitive, check out the video below to get an idea of how it sounds.

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