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Jan 22, 2018

In 2018, Delicious Audio and the Stompbox Exhibit had their biggest presence yet at the NAMM show, through a 10’x20′ Stompbox Booth shared by 15 pedal manufacturers and sponsored by PRS Guitars and Blue Headphones. Here’s a video of all the boards in the booth:

The booth was accompanied by the first NAMM issue of The Deli – the publication focused on emerging NYC artists that organizes this event! Here’s the digital version of the issue:

Visitors were able to borrow a six string by sponsor PRS Guitars to try the pedals in the headphones, which were provided by Blue Mic. Amp emulation was provided by Amplifire!

Within our booth, videographer Eric Merrow shot close to 100 videos of all the new pedals launched at NAMM!

NAMM 2018 Stompbox Booth Participating Manufacturers

6 Degrees
Vancouver-based company devoted to the cult of gain.

Stylish looking but not afraid to get dirty – hey, it’s a French company!

Overdrive-obsessed Floridian boutique shop that also builds guitars.

Cusack Music
A veteran of the pedal scene, this Holland, MI company offers top-notch engineering and also builds MojoHand FX and AJ Peat effects.

Escape Plan Pedals
A one-man operation from Lenoir, NC that churns out silver stompboxes for fuzz and psych lovers.

Fairfield Circuitry
A Hull, Quebec based company that dwells in mysterious sonic territories.

Hologram Electronics
A small team building some of the most buzzworthy atmospheric pedals on Earth out of Knoxville, TN

Lightning Boy Audio
The North Collins, NY laboratory of a tube lover and recording engineer.

Main Ace FX
A one-man operation from New Jersey interested in fuzz, Bowie, and industrial-looking designs.

Massive FX
New Los Angeles, CA manufacturer specializing in pedals for Stoner Rock, Doom and Hard Rock players.

Mattoverse Electronics
A WI builder with a cosmic approach to feature-rich stompboxes and a talent for delays.

A small builder with a California address but a Japanese engineering brain focused on quirky original circuits.

Southampton Pedals
A Guelph, Ontario duo of engineers focused on creating high-quality, handmade effects that fill voids in the pedal market.

Union Tube & Transistor
A Vancouver-based company known for making a knob-less pedal for Jack White’s Third Man Record: the Bumble Buzz.

The edgy, “in-house” brand of NJ’s Godlyke, the distributor of Maxon and Emma.