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Giraffes? Giraffes! – Pedals & Creative Process

girafffes Western MA-based GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!  is one of those bands crafting deliciously head-spinning math-rock licks so labyrinthine, that you'd imagine it'd be tough for even a full four or five piece band to execute. So, when you hear that their music is the work of...


Doom Metal Band, King Woman, Talks about Guitar and Bass Pedals

kw-boards If the ground were to one day crack open, and the sounds of Tartarus began to seep out of the earth, I'd like to imagine the hellish cacophony would sound a bit like King Woman. The San Francisco-based four-piece crafts the...


New pedals at NAMM 2017!

thumb We are here at NAMM with our Stompbox Booth and we are going to share with you pictures of new pedals we see... We'll keep updating this gallery every few hours!


The Fantastic Plastics’ Gear and Creative Process

318073_511477292208825_1176848818_n[1] It's almost impossible to not be immediately smitten with the Fantastic Plastics. With their bright colors and quirky demeanor, the Brooklyn-based duo re-imagines retro-synth pop for the 21st century. While they're sure to delight nostalgia seekers, the band's catchy, fun tracks have a wide appeal that's...


Best Guitar Pedals of 2016 according to Gearphoria

best-of-2016 Our friends at Gearphoria recently published the list of the best Stompboxes of 2016; below you can finds and an interactive gallery linked to this feature - each picture links to the pedal's most popular YouTube video! You can read the full article in print or online...


Big Thief’s Buck Meek shows us the effects on his pedal board

bt Big Thief's debut album "Masterpiece" has been rocking our world this year - our sister blog named it The Deli NYC's Record of the Month back in July. We asked the band's guitarist...


Shana Falana’s Pedals and Creative Process

1150346_240427246105169_805809667_n[1] After perfecting their nuanced sound via touring and single releases, the shoegaze duo, Shana Falana, impressed critics with a 2015 debut LP titled Set Your Lightning Fire Free. Follow-up album, Here Comes the Wave is scheduled for a fall release later this...


Jenny Tuite’s (of Dirty Dishes) favorite stompboxes

Dirty-Dishes Noise is not a stranger in NYC, whether you are referring to the city's ambient sound or its musical counterpart, which is - more often than not - generated by distorted guitars and fuzz pedals. Guitarist and vocalist Jenny Tuite's band Dirty...


A stompbox inspired delirium: The Stargazer Lillies

JohnCep-Pedals Listening to the brand new album 'Door to the Sun' by PA via New York trio The Stargazer Lillies is an experience comparable to getting lost in the fog. The fog, in this circumstance, is of the aural kind, and created by an...


Dead Leaf Echo about pedals, guitars and set ups


Shoegazer is the only musical genre that derives its name from something related to stompboxes: its sound is marked by guitars (and also vocals) so heavily processed to require the use of several pedals during the live setting, which invariably forces...


Wild Ones’ Gear and Creative Process


Led by Danielle Sullivan's gentle and compassionate voice, Portland's indie pop outfit Wild Ones sounds anything but wild, although they do enjoy experimenting with sounds, which - in a sense - is kind of wild! Their music has the ability to sound...


EZTV Ezra Tenenbaum’s pedalboard (or lack of thereof)

10906056_757800127636060_4373171122646718502_n[1] Ezra Tenenbaum used to write about guitar pedals for this very blog. We were pleasantly surprised to see his new band EZTV signed with super buzzworthy Brooklyn label Captured Tracks (home to notable artist such as Mac...


MOOER introduces Spark Series

There is obviously a competition among stompbox manufacturers these days to see who can build the guitar pedals with the smallest footprint, and it seems like Chinese builder MOOER is comfortably in the lead. After releasing, in recent years, a ridicolous...

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