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All the videos of new pedals at NAMM 2017

videos So are you browsing a hundred sites to see all the videos of the various pedals unveiled at NAMM? No need, it's all in one page over here!


Boards at the NAMM 2017 Stompbox Booth

boardsNAMM Once again, we had a 10x10' booth at the Anaheim NAMM show with a bunch of "emerging" guitar pedal manufacturers, here are their boards and pedals!


Going to NAMM? Come check out the StompBox Booth! #1083, Hall E

sbnamm Pedal lovers who will be lucky enough to be in Anaheim, CA during the NAMM week, should not miss our little shared booth in Hall E, at #1083. sponsored by PRS Guitars, whose guitars (and one bass) we'll have at the booth for you to use...


New Pedals at NAMM: Empress Reverb


Another pedal garnering attention at this year’s NAMM conference is the Empress Reverb. This new verb is stacked with tweakable features including some standard ones AND bizarre ones like “beer”, “sparkle”, and “ghost”. The combinations are nearly endless as there are four settings for...


NAMM news: Walrus Audio’s Luminary, Vanguard and Bellwether

Edgy engineering and thinking about the (stomp) box are two of the qualities that allowed Walrus Audio to become one of the most buzz-worthy (and best selling) emerging manufacturers of the 10's (by the way, why does it sound so weird to say that, "the 10's"?)....


NAMM pedal news: ZVex BOMB POP, Woolly Mammoth, Midi Light Show

We saw many, many, many, waaay too many interesting things at NAMM this year, but what really fired our imagination was ZVex's midi triggered light show system - which also includes stompboxes of course - although we haven't yet figured out yet what those pedals...


New Pedals at NAMM: EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay Polyphonic Harmonizer And Terminal Fuzz

The wizards at EarthQuaker Devices premiered two new pedals at this year’s Winter NAMM: The Pitch Bay Dirty Polyphonic Harmonizer and the Terminal , both of which flaunt simple ideas accentuated by that signature EQD ingenuity. The Pitch...


Seen at NAMM: Stomp Labs’ MaX O.D. – expression madness!

One of the coolest new product we saw at NAMM was right in our own booth down in Hall E - yes, we were in Anaheim with our Stompbox Exhibit featuring 11 boutique manufacturers.

Stomp Labs, a...


Stompbox Exhibit at NAMM 2014 – Booth 1472 in Hall E!

The Deli’s Stompbox Exhibits have become a crucial component to what The Deli does, and thanks to the interest they triggered among pedal lovers and also in social media, they are slowly becoming an event that’s recognized by most musicians in the US. In...


SNAMM Exhibit 2013 – The Boards

None other than Dr. Lonnie Smith spent 10 minutes trying this board (see video). Fairfield Circuitry also won our (sans-prize) award for the "Best Looking Board" at SNAMM.

Click on the link below to see all the boards.


Stompbox Exhibit at SNAMM – interview with TSVG’s owner

Nashville, TN - Last week The Deli and Delicious Audio debuted their Stompbox Exhibit at NAMM during the summer leg of the musical merchants convention hosted in Nashville TN.


Guitar Pedal News: New From Z.Vex

Z. Vex introduced 4 new pedals at NAMM. All of these are improvement and/or modification builds on existing models. The Fat Fuzz Factory is essentially one of Z. Vex's famous Fuzz Factories with an added Sub Switch. The Sub switch allows the pedal to...


2013 NAMM – Stomp Box Report

Another year, another NAMM convention. Every January the National Association of Music Merchants sets up shop at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA and provides thousands of vendors with the opportunity to show off their goods and/or services. We had the...

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