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Strymon debuts Sunset Dual Overdrive at Austin Stompbox Exhibit

Strymon-Sunset Strymon, at last, seems to have gotten the distortion bug - and overcome their aversion for the color red! The Californian stompbox manufacturer just unveiled their second distortion pedal ever, after 2016's Riverside Overdrive (since their birth in 2008, they had only released non-distortion pedals, developing a reputation for luscious...


Klon + Tube Screamer in one pedal: Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive

DSCF4037[1] We briefly covered the Greenchild K818 in our Klones shopping guide a few weeks ago. Roman from Shnobel Tone" just posted a demo video of it on YouTube so we are taking the opportunity to repost it.