Jan 17, 2018

With NAMM 2018 around the corner, pedal builders have started announcing the new designs they’ll be unveiling at the Anaheim convention. Chase Bliss Audio today posted on social media pictures and a (non embeddable) video of a new pedal called Condor.

The unit is scheduled for a mid April release and the company encourages their customers to send them feedback, since they are “still tweaking the design.”.

The Minneapolis based manufacturer has been specializing in an “army knife” approach to stompboxes, offering great sounding devices boasting an incredibly wide palette of features, accessible both from the front and top panels (on the latter, each of their pedals has their signature two rows of dip switches – here’s an example from a different pedal).

In this light, the Condor promises to be the ultimate tone sculpting army knife, through its 3 band EQ (particularly exciting are the parametric mids with adjustable Q curve) and added drive capability thanks to the preamp section. e

Here’s a list of functionalities you can find on the front panel – you can be sure a host of other tweaks is also available on the top one, although no picture of it has been divulged just yet.

Analog EQ / Pre / Filter. Release: 4/16/18. $349.
– 100% analog signal path with digital control/presets/midi.

– Switchable to clean or overdrive.

– Parametric boost/cut mids control from 150Hz to 5kHz with 3 “Q” settings.

– Bass boost/cut control with 3 intensity settings.

– LPF filter with 3 settings: normal, slight resonant, very resonant.

– Ramping/hold functionality for LFO filter tremolo effects.

– True bypass or buffered bypass selectable via dip switch.

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