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Eventide Pitchfactor Review

The PitchFactor is a “Best of” of Eventide’s long history of harmonizers, and of all the ‘Factor’ series pedals, this one probably had to be simplified the most from its rack inspirations. Providing 10 different patches of pitch shifters and harmonizers, the PitchFactor shares a common setup and interface with the other units in the...


Akai IPK-25: iPhone controlled synth

We somehow missed this exciting Akai product at NAMM. The Akai IPK-25 is a tiny $99 keyboard that plugs into your iPhone and let’s you control the synth’s tone through a $9.99 iPhone app… or viceversa? Related Posts Audio Repair with iZotope RX 2 Stutter Edit Plugin and a new Nord introduced at N... Moogify...


PreSonus’ new DAW software: Studio One

PreSonus, renown for signal processors, preamps and other recording related hardware, recently entered the DAW realm with Studio One. This sequencer/recorder is intended to target musicians and engineers of all levels as a friendlier alternative to the more intimidating offerings currently considered the standards.The PreSonus team focused on creating a virtual recording environment built for...


Novation befriends PT and Logic

Two of Novation’s latest keyboards have just made a substantial step towards universal integration. Nocturn Keyboard and SL MkII now work seamlessly with Logic 9 and Pro Tools. You can now control all Logic and Pro Tools’ own plug-ins, as well as most third-party plug-ins (Native Instruments, Waves, etc.). The two keyboards also allow control...


A classic updated: ProCo’s RAT2

ProCo’s RAT2 distortion pedal is an update on a classic from the early 1980s. With an appearance similar to the footswitch of a Marshal Amplifier, the pedal’s sound is reminiscent of the dirty channel on those British tube amps. However, Rat2 also features a thinner crunch characterized by solid state amps like the Fender M80...


New from NAMM: Apogee enters the realm of foot controllers

Apogee has built a super solid reputation as one of the best A/D D/A converter manufacturers (for those unaware, A stands for Analog and D for Digital, and converters are one of the main reasons why your home recordings will never sound very good). So this year at NAMM we were a little surprised to...


Great Guitar Pedals: Diamond Memory Lane 2

The Diamond Memory Lane 2 is a lush and expressive 100% analog delay pedal capable of producing some very convincing tape-style delays, consistently rich tones, and crazy spaceship noises. Equipped with an easily accessible tap-tempo switch, quarter note delays and triplet/U2 rhythms can be tapped in on the fly. The pedal also features a very...


(Modded) Mic Review: OktavaMod MJE-K47H

When you pay a lot for a brand name mic (that is, if you even have the money in the first place) you are paying for a quality design, build and components, right? For the most part that’s true. But it is frustrating to know that you are also paying more simply for the brand...

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