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New (Crazy) Pedals: TWA Dynamorph

pic-twa-dynamorph-front-01-1000px[1] We saw this pedal by NJ based TWA (an acronym for "Totally Wicked Audio") at our NAMM 2017 mixed booth and it looked intriguing indeed, if anything for the name of its controls - there's a Kafka/Ovid switch, and a "Gestation" mini-knob!


New Pedals: Electro Harmonix SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine

synth9[1] This press release just came in from Electro-Harmionix, it sounds intriguing... The SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine transform your guitar sound into classic electronic synthesizers and features nine of the most distinctive vintage synth type sounds: OBX, PROFIT V, VIBE SYNTH, MINI MOOD, EHX MINI, SOLO SYNTH, MOOD BASS, STRING...